FAQ, Face Painting for Childrens Parties

(Frequently asked questions about Face Painting at Childrens Parties)Face Painting Spider-Man & Iron Man

1. What do you charge for Face Painting for Childrens Parties?
My regular fees are $75 hr plus a $15 materials fee. The minimum booking time is 2 hrs. (so just to simplify: a 2hr booking is $165 including materials)
(If you are planning a very large party which will require more than 3-4 hrs, then there may be some additional materials charges, but contact me first and we can work out all the details)

2. How many hours will I need to book you for?
Typically most party bookings are for 2hrs for up to 20 kids. If you are having a large party with over 20 children, you may require a booking of 3+ hours. Contact me to work out the details. 

3. Is there anything I would need to get ready ahead of time for a face painter?

All that is needed is some working space, a small table to set up materials, two chairs, that’s all !

4. What information should I include when enquiring about booking your services?

Address (with nearest major intersection), date start and end time and of the party, email, phone number contacts and the estimated number of children who will be attending.

5. What age is too young for face painting?

Generally speaking, any children over 2+ years are fine for face painting. Every child is different, but what I’ve found is that most very young children (under 2 years) can get restless and upset when getting painted. However if they can be still and are not too fidgety, then there is no problem trying a simple design on small kids. 

6. Is Face Painting a worthwhile activity at a Children’s party?

Absolutely ! Face Painting enhances any party experience. Children’s faces light up when they see themselves with their faces painted. Face painting makes for great pictures of the event, great memories, and a great overall event.